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Virtual Catalog Migration

The Road to The Commonwealth Catalog!

For over 10 years the Virtual Catalog has been the place for finding library materials in Massachusetts. Now it is time for a new system. Throughout the coming year the Massachusetts state-wide ILL system, currently known as the Virtual Catalog, will be migrating to a new system and getting a new name, The Commonwealth Catalog.

In the coming months all networks will be migrating from the Virtual to the Commonwealth Catalog. This migration process will take place throughout the year and include a gradual 'draw down' of the Virtual Catalog as networks are migrated, one-by-one to the new system.

Network Draw Down

When a network is removed from the Virtual Catalog their libraries will cease borrowing and lending and their items will cease to show in the Catalog searches. During this time, existing requests can still be processed and in fact, libraries are encouraged to clean out all requests.


Training materials for both patrons and staff will be posted as the go-live date for The Commonweath Catalog approaches.

Virtual Catalog Migration Status


MassVC System Status

MassVC Migration Status

If you are a library patron, please contact your local library for assistance.


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